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Call for Session Proposals

To submit a proposal, click here to complete the 2022 Conference Proposal Form .


Proposal close date: August 15, 2022

Please direct questions to or

The Executive Board of MNADE invites proposals for the 27th annual conference. This year’s conference will focus on the creating a new framework for developmental education.  There has been a lot of change in the last few years within developmental education in areas such as placement, our student population, and even the ways that we are teaching.  The MNADE conference will focus on how we are moving forward to help students be successful, not only in developmental education, but across the campus, within this new landscape of education.


 We are looking for proposals in any of the following areas: Math, English, Reading, ESL, tutoring, counseling/advising, online/distance success strategies, and college and K12 educators’ collaborations and innovations.  We are especially interested in ways that your campus, colleagues, or campus have changed in the last few years to meet the new demands of students and developmental education.


Our keynote address will be Dr. Alex Goudas speaking about his dissertation research on developmental education and placement.


 We invite proposals that demonstrate:

  • Innovative approaches to curriculum in reading, writing, math, and ESL that are reaching students and helping them succeed  

  • Partnerships with faculty in disciplines and departments outside of developmental education

  • Strategies for communicating what developmental education IS and what it is NOT to other stakeholders on your campuses

  • Faculty-driven research on students, programs, course sequences, or other projects that inform the direction of developmental education on your campus

  • Innovative partnerships with student affairs, counselors, and advisors, TRIO-SSS, ABE, tutoring centers, diversity officers, K-12 educators and other groups that support students

  • Methods that are showing promise in providing more accurate placement of students

  • Ways of addressing inequity in all its forms

As we move forward to the conference, we would like to share a unifying statement that was created prior to the 2021 conference. MNADE affirms that Developmental education is the critical point of access to higher education success for many students. As such, MNADE's position states:

  • Developmental education is NOT the enemy of equity

  • Eliminating developmental education means also eliminating the opportunity for many to experience the transformative power of education 

  • Developmental educators are creative, dynamic innovators

  • Success for ALL students is the ultimate goal for developmental educators


Proposals should include names of presenters, a primary contact person (including phone, address, and e-mail), session title, a brief description of the proposed presentation (100 words maximum), and short two-three sentence presenter biographies suitable for submission in the conference program. Please indicate your audiovisual needs; projectors are on-site, but we recommend that presenters bring their own laptops.

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