2019 MNADE Conference  and Developmental Education  Summit

Building Bridges for Success:  K12 - College
September 26 - 27th, 2019    at Chase at the Lake in  Walker, MN.
Registration is now open.

Keynote Address (Thursday):

     De'Vonna Pittman  

"Identifying and Impacting the Paths of Smart Students Who Don't Know They are Smart"

De'Vonna Pittman.jpg

De'Vonna Pittman has spent two decades in Public Service and Public Administration. She is an author, entrepreneur, and activator. As a gifted community connector, she has hosted countless forums focused on changing narratives of oppressed communities.

Pittman is the co-founder and board chair for the Minnesota Black Authors Expo. Their mission is to improve educational outcomes, stimulate income, and restore the love of reading in communities of color.

She is also co-chair of the UCLAs Smart Justice Board; whose mission is to reduce mass incarceration with a focus on people of color; cutting jail and prison populations across the state of Minnesota. This board serves as an intermediary between communities throughout the state of Minnesota and the ACLU.

She is a 2015 Josie R. Johnson Leadership Fellow; and holds a Master’s Degree in Law Enforcement Leadership and Public Policy.

In 2012 Pittman self-published her memoir, My Pretty and Its Ugly Truth, and in 2015 she published Lyrical Freedoms from the Heart, a book of poetry.

More than anything, De’Vonna Pittman is committed to facilitating dialogue that empowers women, their families, and the communities they live in.