WELCOME TO MNADE! In our roles as college teachers, tutors, and advisors, we make the process of learning explicit and accessible to all students. Through MNADE, we share ideas and strategies that increase our effectiveness as educators and we support each others' work. 


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MNADE Fall 2020 Conference Cancelled

"Because of the difficulty planning with so very many unknowns, and out of an abundance of caution and concern for everyone's safety, we have made the difficult but important decision to cancel our 2020 conference. 


We know this is a disappointment, but we feel it is the best decision we can make at this time. The plan will be to move everything forward to the fall of 2021, when we will be absolutely thrilled to welcome everyone back to Chase on the Lake to continue our conference tradition. Perhaps a timely topic, our intended theme for 2020 was centered around reviving and reimagining equity in developmental education - for students and educators, and it is our current intent to carry that theme forward to 2021. No doubt, the theme will not be any less relevant.  Please stay as safe and well as possible, and we look forward to seeing everyone together as soon as is possible. 


We will communicate a save the date for 2021 as soon as we have one. In the meantime, please reach out to members of the board with questions or concerns. Please stay as safe and well as possible, and we look forward to seeing everyone together soon." 


- Sara McDonald

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